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The Leighton Basics

Our classic cotton ribbed tights. Perfect for year-around wear! Our Basics Collection includes the colors Whitest White, Snow White and Black. Snow White is a softer barely off-white color and Whitest...


Baby J's

The perfect Newborn to 3 month old sized tights. Simple, but classic.   80% Cotton 17% Polyamide 3% Elastane


Mini Ruby Socks: Neutrals

The Mini Ruby is a take on our ever popular Ruby Knee High, but now it's sized for those newborn through 18 months in size. This convertible sock can be...


Lil' Leightons

Our classic cotton ribbed tights in size Newborn, which usually fits best when babies are 8 pounds+ through about 3 months. Perfect for year-around wear! Our current collection includes the...

Lacey Ankle Sock: Muted Rose
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Lacey Ankle Sock: Muted Rose

Meet one of our newest styles-- the Lacey Ankle Sock! The cutest ankle sock around with such a dainty lace detail. Can be worn folded down or up and either...

$7.50 $6.38
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Groovy Ankle Sock: Children

Three perfect tie dye sock pairs all in one place just for your littles! Desert Clay is the perfect shade of dark brown with a hint of Orange! Mocha is the perfect...


Groovy Ankle Sock ADULT

Three perfect tie dye socks and we hope you love them all! Desert Clay is the perfect shade of dark brown with a hint of Orange! Mocha is an incredible shade...


Mini Ruby Sock: Hot Coral

Our ever-popular mini ruby sock is available as a limited summer color: Hot Coral. We love the versatility of this sock for littles. They can be worn as knee highs...

$7.50 $6.38

Striped Ankle Sock

One of our trial pairs to test stripes and the ribbed pattern together-- we think we are in love! Available in Orchid and Muted Goldenrod. Both include the main color...

$7.50 $6.38

Sunshine Tight

The perfect soft tan tight with golden rust suns. It just screams spring and summer! You will turn heads with this beautiful tight that was a collab with Indy and Pippa....

$16.00 $13.60

Rikki Tight

The perfect Pale Pink tight with white daisies. Another collab for the season with Customs by Cass. It just screams spring!   80% Cotton 17% Polyamide 3% Elastane

$16.00 $13.60

Ruby Knee High Spring 21

Our Ruby Knee Highs are the best fitting ribbed knee highs around. Currently, all spring colors are only carried in sizes 18 months and up. For smaller sizes in these...

$9.00 $7.00
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