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10 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer!

10 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer!

During this past week, we have traveled from Utah to Las Vegas and Arizona, and let me tell you… it is SO HOT EVERYWHERE! When planning our days, I constantly was thinking about what we could do to stay cool and enjoy ourselves.


I grew up in Vegas, and in all my memories of summer, the heat is never the main character of those memories. I remember instead, how much fun it was swimming, eating watermelon, and running around the neighborhood until we had to come home for dinner. Those are the kinds of memories I want for my kids. I want them to remember the fun. The pure joy that comes with summer and being a kid. And as their mama, it’s now my job to bring them some of that summer magic. Step one, is keeping cool! Everything is a lot more fun when you’re not sweating buckets. If you’re a mom with littles, trying to have the best summer ever while beating the heat, this list is for you!


#1 Splash Pads. I live in Utah county, and they are quite literally everywhere. Now that I have a kid, I understand why. I thought my 1-year-old was too small to enjoy a splash pad but I was very wrong. She absolutely LOVES it! The best part is, there is always kids of all ages, so everyone can go and have a great time.


#2 Pools!! This seems a bit obvious, but it had to be said! If you don’t have a pool, don’t worry for a second! try the mini pools you can put in your yard or your local rec center. You can get blow up pools for as cheap as $15 and kids love them! We love our rec center because it’s close to our house, only $5, and my baby loves playing with the other kids.


#3 Portable, or hand-held fans. You’ll need a good fan or 2…or 5. Personally, no amount of fans is too many fans when you’re battling 100-degree heat! I have a smaller one that wraps onto pretty much anything, and it has been a game changer! It’s perfect for some immediate relief and easily wraps onto strollers, wagons, bikes, etc


#4 Popsicles! Summer isn’t summer without popsicles! When I was a kid, my mom used to take us down to Anderson Dairy and we could pick out different kinds of popsicles. I remember absolutely loving that and I think that’s what started my obsession with popsicles. Let the kids pick some fun ones, stop at the ice cream truck, or try out a recipe like this one and make them at home!


#5 Aquariums and Museums. My personal favorite on the list! Escape the heat completely! My baby LOVES aquariums. Cabela’s (or Bass Pro Shop) has one, and we can spend an hour there just looking at all the fish- and the best part is, it’s free there! My sister takes her toddler to the different museums and aquariums multiple times a week because it’s so easy and fun. Their favorite is the Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point.


#6 Water fights! Everyone loves a good water fight! Get balloons, water guns or an old fashion sponge and let the games begin. Pro tip! The dollar store is a great place to get water toys!


#7 Cotton clothes. Just like dressing for cooler temps, finding the best clothes for hot temperatures is a game changer. We love light cotton clothing at our house! I really think it makes a difference in keeping cool. We’ve also tried out some terry cloth outfits from Target and have loved them. My little girl plays hard in her clothes, but the terry cloth still looks nice after multiple wears. Added bonus, if terry cloth or cotton gets wet, I don’t even bat an eye. The cotton dries so quickly and the terry cloth soaks up the water!


#8 Movie Day! For the days mama needs a break, and it’s just too hot to go outside. Take the family to go see a new movie or make a day out of it by watching a family favorite in your own home with some popcorn and treats. Happy campers all around! 


#9 Water Sensory Bins for the win! I actually haven’t done this yet, but I am looking forward to trying it. All water play is a win in the summer. These are great because you can change the activity out, so the options are endless. And it really gets the kid’s imaginations going, which I am all about. Here is guide on how to make the best water sensory bins.


#10 Hydration!!! Staying hydrated is so a must for kids and adults. We love insulated water bottles so we have cold water all day. You’ve all heard the hype behind the Stanley tumblers, and I’m here to tell you… the Stanley water bottles are the real MVP. They fit in cup holders, keep water cold all day, and come in the cutest colors. We also have the 64 oz jug we take when we are doing an all-day outing, and it saves our lives! Mostly saves my husband because he will forget to bring his personal bottle. For my little girl, I love the 12 oz hydro flask. Small and does the job. Of course, any insulated water bottle will do the trick and Target, Amazon and Walmart all have great options for kids and adults. My nieces and nephews love putting stickers of all their favorite things on their water bottles and it is so cute!


So there ya have it! 10 ways we are staying cool this summer. How are YOU staying cool?! We would love to hear from you, and if you liked or use the ideas from this list, shout us out! Download our printable here to join us and have the best summer ever!

xoxo, Crisssyae with Olivia J