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Last Minute Easter Baskets

Easter is almost here, and by show of hands who is ready?! I have to say, I am not. If you’re anything like me, this post is for you! We have 3 days, plenty of time, right? With so many things on our to do list this week, let's break down how to make a great easter basket for our kids that won’t break the bank or take too much of our brain space.

My mom is the queen of all holidays. I remember always loving her easter baskets because I felt like she knew me well by what she put (and still puts!) in there. That's now what I try to do with my own baby girl.

To make it easier, I've broken it up into my mom's five categories she used: 


  1. The basket. The basket itself can be something that they are excited about! Try using a sand bucket, a backpack, a cute purse for your girly girls, or a neutral basket that can be used in the house later.

  2. New Outfit. This can be a new easter dress, a spring outfit and obviously some Olivia J tights or socks! My sister is going to the beach with her kids soon, so their baskets have swim suits and flip flops in them!

  3. Candy! Every basket needs candy, and for Peep and Cadbury egg lovers like myself, this is my favorite season of candy!

  4. An activity. This can be a new sticker book, bubbles, swim goggles, anything your kids are interested in!

  5. Toy/ Stuffed animal. A new toy fills the basket and their happy little hearts. For teens, substituted a stuffed toy for a new gadget.


Enjoy the rest of your week and don't forget to share your baskets with us! We are looking forward to seeing all the creative things you do for your littles! 


Crisssyrae with Olivia J 



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