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It's Time For School!

It's Time For School!

The time has come, school is starting! It always feels so bittersweet for both kids and moms. Whether you are pushing your kids out the door or crying dropping them off at their first day of kindergarten, you still want your kids to be dressed ready to take on the school year. I love the back to school shopping season and all the new fun things we have to choose from.

Olivia J launched their fall collection, and let me tell you, you need every single pair. I'm currently planning my daughters outfits around her socks because I love them so much. I literally can't choose a favorite, but if I had to I would go with The Glam Ankle Sock, The Presley Fall Ankle Sock, and The A + A Stripped Sock because they all come in adult sizes meaning I can match my little girl. 


Along with perfect socks, we need cute backpacks. My girl Shae got all her kids backpacks from State Bags and they are like to die for cute. I was a JanSport girl through and through growing up and even still they are coming through with cute bags at a good price. 



Another thing I am loving for back to school are canvas banners! I am not a DIY gal, so I love Your Banner Days for handmade canvas banners. Another cute company that makes pennant banners is Even Tide Pennantco.  


When it comes to clothes, I am a real sucker for Zara. I like to follow their sales and get stuff a few sizes bigger so I can have it for the next season. Target also showed up this year for back to school essentials. 




But one thing we are all needing is a pep talk. So here you go sis, you got this! Your kids are resilient! Your kids are smart! They will make friends! They will learn! You will be able to help them with the things they need!  It will be a great year! 




Crisssyrae with Olivia J